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Lose Weight: This 4-minute Exercise Burns Fat Better Than Anything

Summer is coming and you still do not know how to get rid of abdominal fat? The pounds taken during your pregnancy do not seem to let go or did you just abuse during your gastronomic holiday? Do not panic, there is always a solution to quickly find your wasp size.

The Tabata method

Have you ever heard of the Tabata protocol? It is an intensive training lasting up to 4 minutes. It is necessary to repeat 8 times 20 seconds of effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. The goal of this exercise is to achieve optimal results in terms of weight loss and muscle building but also to burn fat in the first session. And this, thanks to this intensive repetition of efforts which favors the gain of muscular power, the rise of VO2 Max – the Maximum Oxygen Volume is the quantity of oxygen that the body consumes during an exercise or intense effort per unit time – and optimizing energy expenditure by raising your metabolism.

This training began in the mid-1990s, when a Japanese researcher named Izumi TABATA was approached by the Japanese Olympic speed skating team.

How it works ?

The Tabata protocol can be used with any exercise that can be subjected to intense repetitions. The goal is to be able to hold on for 20 seconds and finish the whole race. The exercises that we propose to you are based on the seven models of primitive movements in the Man. It is not only a cardio training but also the complete muscle activation of the body.

All you need is a stopwatch, body-building straps or a bass bar, a box, a square drawn on the ground (about 2m x 1.5m). Set up all your equipment in advance so you can move quickly from one position to another. For each exercise, repeat as many times as you can for 20 seconds. You then have 10 seconds to go to the next position.

The exercises to do:

1. Vertical draw

Hold the straps and / or the drawbar with your hand, arms outstretched. Tighten your stomach and buttocks to keep your body straight and bring your arms back to your chest. To be repeated during the 20s.

2. Hands free pumps

Lie down with your hands aligned with your shoulders and keep your stomach and buttocks tight. Lift your hands briefly then lower your chest to the floor and go back up. Be sure to keep the body straight. To be repeated during the 20s.

3. The corners of the square

Starting from one corner of your square, sprint to the opposite corner and touch the floor. To be repeated during the 20s.

4. The box jump

Stand in front of a box that is about the height of your knees. Lower yourself in half squat and swing your arms to gain momentum when you jump, to land with both feet simultaneously on the box and then immediately stand in a full extension. Step back to start.

5. The hands-free burpees

While standing, squat down and rest your hands on the ground then lower your chest to the ground, release your hands briefly and reverse the movement to return to the beginning. Aim for smooth, continuous movement

6. The sprint of the square

Standing on one line of your square, sprint to the opposite line and then return back to your previous line.

7. The variant of squats

With your hands on your hips, step forward with your leg while keeping your stomach tight and your torso straight. Bend your knees to lower your body until your back knee touches the ground. After 10s, change your leg.

8. The 180 degree jump

Ride a line of your square and jump while spinning in the air to land facing backwards. After 10s, reverse the movement.

Warnings :

It is necessary to seek the advice of your doctor before starting this training, especially that it requires very intense efforts. It is recommended to do these exercises two to three times a week. Note that these exercises must be accompanied by a healthy diet and lifestyle for real weight loss.


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