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5 Popular Exercises That Are Dangerous To Your Health

Some popular exercises are harmful to your health, especially if you do them the wrong way.

Here are the 5 exercises you’d better forget or replace with safer moves.

Reverse Push-Ups

When doing reverse push-ups, your hands are in an unusual position. Your shoulders and elbows don’t move in the normal position, and that’s why the joints receive a heavy load. Doing this exercise the wrong way can lead to dislocations, strains, and small cracks.

Replace it with: Start with a classic plank. Put your hands shoulder-width apart, while bending your legs at the knees. Remember, keep your body straight. Start lowering so that your arms bend along your body. With this exercise, you work out the same muscles, but without risk of joint damage.


When doing this exercise you are making an excessive pressure on vertebrae, and it may cause traumas. Also, the front of the discs is compressed, and the back is stretched. Twisting is not recommended, if your job requires sitting at the desk all day. Pain in the lower back and neck can appear.

Replace it with: Stand on all fours. Straighten your left arm and your right leg and raise them parallel to the floor. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat with your other arm and leg. With this exercise you work out the muscles of your stomach, thighs, and buttocks, but without unnecessary tension and injuries.

Forward Bends with Dumbbells

When doing forward bends incorrectly, back pain can occur and there is a big risk of causing spine injuries.

Replace it with: Stand straight, with your legs slightly wider than shoulders. Grab a stuffed ball, and raise it up on straightened hands so that it’s over your left shoulder. Exhale and lower the ball diagonally downward to your right thigh, while doing semi-squats. Repeat on the other side.

Thigh Muscle Fitness Equipment

When using this kind of fitness equipment while working out your thighs, can cause a severe distension. Even though you think that the installed weight seems comfortable, the ligaments can still suffer.

Replace it with: Take a high step. Step up and while standing on the step, keep your back flat. Then step back to the same place. You can also step sideways, thereby alternating the load on your muscles.

Dumbbell French Press

When doing this exercise, a large load goes to the elbow joints. Remember, French press should be done only with a perfect technique. If not, there is a high risk of trauma, so it’s better to replace it with a safer move.

Replace it with: Start in a common push-up position. Place your hands so that your thumb and forefinger touch each other on both hands, just like forming a diamond. Now do the push-ups as usual. You can keep your knees on the floor, but if you want to increase the load you can perform this move with straight legs.


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